Meet the team

Progress Kashandula

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Kashandula has worked in the biomass industry for more than 12 years
specifically in senior capacity of managing sustainable bush harvesting, production, and biomass utilisation projects. Previous was Operations Manager of the pioneer bush to energy project called Energy for Future at Ohorongo Cement. He has played a vital role in the development and implementation of a capacity building aspect of the Namibian Biomass Industry called Debushing Advisory Service. His background is in Business management, environment and project management with a Master of Leadership and Change Management. He brings a wealth of experience in environmental fieldwork, biomass production and processing. He is the current CEO of Namibia Biomass Industry Group (N-BiG) and the De-bushing Advisory Service (DAS) a capacity building division of N-BiG.

Daniel Shagama

Operations Manager

Daniel holds a National Diploma in Natural Resource Management (Nature Conservation) and a Bachelor of Natural Resource Management Honors Degree in Nature Conservation. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in natural resources management at Namibia University of Science and Technology. With a combination of experience in various industries, Daniel has worked in the eco-tourism industry, biomass industry, and wildlife management. Specifically, he has worked for Ohorongo Cement’s Energy for future as a Biomass/Environmental parttime consultant for a period of two years. Additionally, he has over eight years of experience in parks and protected areas management, having been a former employee of MEFT. This has provided him with extensive networking opportunities with stakeholders in natural resources management across the public and private sectors. Daniel’s primary interest lies in sustainable development and utilization of natural resources to derive benefits from them.

Dr Detlef Virchow

International Business Expert/Advisor

Utilizing synergies between the different issues and aspects of sustainable biomass production and use for the benefit of the people concerned and the environment is at the core of Detlef’s thinking and work, based on various experiences in natural resource management and bioeconomy, rural and regional development, food and nutrition security, and the conservation and sustainable use of agricultural biodiversity. Detlef gained management experience as Executive Director of the Food Security Center at the University of Hohenheim / Germany, as Director of the Regional Center for Africa of AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center in Tanzania and as Program Director at Plan International Germany. At N-BiG, Detlef is now supporting the implementation of N-BiG’s collaboration with the German BioEnergy Association (BBE) to strengthen N-BiG contributing to the growth of the bioeconomy sector in Namibia. This collaboration is funded by BMZ through sequa.

Fransina Andreas

Finance and Administration Officer

Fransina is a professional holding a Diploma in Accounting and Finance, along with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Management from the Namibia University of Science and Technology. With a diverse background in multiple industries including the medical, non-governmental, and construction sectors, she has accrued valuable experience. Specifically, she has served in an NGO for 2 years and worked for 9 years in the construction industry in the capacity of an Accountant. Her expertise spans across finance management and efficient business operations.

Epafras Andreas

Senior Technical Officer

Epafras is an animal scientist and a rangeland specialist with professional experience since2015. He specializes in sustainable farming and natural resource management and utilisation. Epafras has extensive field expertise in livestock production, sustainable rangeland management, the restoration and rehabilitation of degraded natural resources (e.g. Bush encroached rangelands), and training of farmers. He holds a Higher Diploma in Natural resource management, BSc in Wildlife Management and Eco-tourism and MSc in Rangeland Resources Management and currently pursuing his PhD in Integrated Environmental science at the University of Namibia.

Julian Nakanyala

Knowledge Management and Communications Officer

Julian joined the Namibia biomass industry group in September 2022. She holds a degree in business management and is currently pursuing her honors in Communications. Julian is passionate about sustainability of the environment and creating awareness on how to harness issues that effect it through digital channels. Her priorities are to develop and implement effective communications activities for external customers and stakeholders. Monitor and manage database, create content and optimize it for the website, electronic newsletters, print media, and social networking sites. Maintain Consistency in tone, branding, messaging, and posting frequently via digital channels.