N-BiG members consist of our founding members, our group members, and our individual members. 


Founding Members

Individual Members

Adolf Swartkalf

AgriConsult Namibia

Alex Clive Gawanab

Asnath Kaperu

Cajo Lenaerts

David Imbili

Desley Jurgens Ititiraukunga

Happy Jafet Salom"

Dr Ndahafa AC Nghifindaka

Ernst Sauber (BuellsPort Guest Farm)

Etuna Farming CC

Evan-Leslie Shilengudwa

Evolution Charcoal

Florence Mahua

Georg Friedrich

Golden Farm Produce (Pty) Ltd

Gunnar Wilckens

Gunther Roeber

HB Construction

Helga Kamuhanga

JDE Agri Implements T/A

Hoffmann’s Farm Implements

Joer Farming CC

Johan Patric Beukes

Jokurime Investments CC Wood/Charcoal

Jörg & Ise Riedel

Kafula Sakeus - Prime Direct Investment cc

Kavenna Investments cc

Kaveto Tjatjara - Worldview Tehnology

Koos Engelbrecht

Lahja Amaambo

Larry Bussey

Maike Pratt

Nghidinwa Hamunime

Richard Riedel

Rick Kukuri

Stephen Barrion

Sybille Moldzio

Tarah Nghilalulwa

Timothy Ggita

Tinus Uys

Uvatera Ngatjizeko

Vitor Ribeiro

Waldheim Vihlo

Werner & Renate Bader

Zane Carew


To become an N-BiG member, please complete our Membership Application Form, and read and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Additionally, if you would like to contribute towards our biomass information database, please take 5 minutes to complete our Bush Control Survey

Contact Info

  •  Cargo City ,
         5 Von Braun Street
  •   +264 61 242 949
  •   +264 61 242 949

About N-BiG

 The Namibia Biomass industry Group (N-BiG) is a newly established industry organisation to serve and grow the Namibian biomass industry. N-BiG was founded through the support of the GIZ Support to De-bushing Programme, and its founding members. N-BiG is currently still establishing itself, and has only had a full-time team committed to it since May 2016.

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