Harvesting Equipment lease

The N-BiG harvesting equipment lease model is part of our objectives on technology transfer. The model aims to improve access to highly efficient technologies and tackle the challenges that affect farmers and industry players to up-scaling harvesting and biomass supply capacities due to the lack of funds to procure, maintain and operate their high-tech equipment. The leasing model assists farmers and industry players who do not wish to invest in buying harvesting equipment but rather hire them at a reasonable price for an agreed number of machine-hours or hectares.

  • Wacker Neuson excavator with hydraulic shear, suitable for selective thinning for only N$ 495.00 per machine hour (including VAT).
  • The price includes a well-trained operator, all consumables of the equipment, technical advice on sustainable bush control and value addition as well as available markets.
  • The price does not include the transportation of the equipment and the accommodation of the operator (which is negotiable with the client).

The farmer/client must have a valid harvesting permit from the Directorate of Forestry.

For more information on the Harvesting Equipment Lease, please contact

Project Manager

Tel: +264 61 242 949

Email: k.amutenya@n-big.org